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This article covers the basics of early payment discounts, including types, benefits, drawbacks, early payment discount alternatives, and more. If you’re unfamiliar with this alternative, our article on A/R financing discusses costs, terms, qualifications, and more. You can also see our guide on the best invoice factoring companies for our recommendations.

The discount and its accompanying terms should be clearly marked on the invoice. For example, imagine you want to offer a 2% discount if the customer pays their invoice within 15 days rather than the usual 45. When your business sends an invoice to a customer, it will include payment terms including a fixed deadline. Offering an early payment discount is one way to speed up this payment process.

Advantages of early payment discount

It means pay in 10 days for a 2% discount; otherwise, you’ll have to pay the full amount within 30 days. These discounts generally range between 1–2%, and if the payment is not made within the days mentioned, they’ll be liable to pay the full amount in 30–60 days. If a business is operating just slightly above cost, there’s little room for any discounts. Dynamic discounting is an early payment program that allows for flexibility in business transactions and efficient response to supply and demand. With 2% 10 net 30 as a fixed EPD, no discount will be applied if the invoice is paid on the 11th day. A few different situations might call for utilizing specialized trade credit terms with your customers, such as an early payment discount.

Because invoices give customers time to pay their bills (e.g., days), many businesses offer an early payment discount to speed up payments. Be specific with payment terms on invoices to avoid a discount related to early payment is a confusion, automating the invoicing process where possible to cut time and cost. GoCardless offers a way to automate payment collection, letting businesses pull funds on the day they’re due.

Importance of Understanding Early Payment Discounts in Modern Business

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a discount related to early payment is a

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